Live Contributors

Welcome to our Live Contributors page.

Eagle Pass 411 has selected the following freelance community members wishing to share your event. The following persons are respectful and will work with any rules you have set for all other media attending your event. Please feel free to contact me

Horacio Ramos Founder of Eagle Pass 411 at 830-513-6394


Mrs. Cindy Ramos Owner at 830-513-7125

if you need a voice confirmation. Thank you in advance for allowing the person with our 411 Press Pass to your event.

Sandra Ruiz loves public speaking and is a member of the Rotary Club of Eagle Pass.

Covers- Rotary Club & Other Public Speaking Events




Mr. & Mrs. Davila are sports fans and Mr. Davila is a member of our local Fire Department and also a member of our local Lios Club. They both will be able to broadcast sports on our Eagle Pass 411 Page On Facebook. 

Covers-Sport and other events




Note: These are Freelance broadcasters and are not employed by Eagle Pass 411 and do not receive any payment for what they do. They do this on the own, we simply prove them a place to post. Eagle Pass 411 does not sell any of these Community Live Broadcasters work.

Sincerely ,

Horacio & Cindy Ramos

Eagle Pass 411

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